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Get to know the complete range of P&B services through the story of one piece of land now known as Storey Park.

Entitlements & Permitting

Storey Park began as a rural landscape comprised primarily of crop/pasture lands and wetland forests. The original site included several natural ponds, 325 acres of uplands, and convenient access to SR 528 and SR 407 off Moss Park Road in Orange County.

Totaling almost 1,300 acres, the community of Storey Park was primed to become one of the the premier residential developments in the region. The property was purchased in 2012 to be conceptualized into a new community.





Master Planning and Urban Design

The community of Storey Park began as a planned development in Orange County that was named, “Innovation Place.”

The development program consists of Residential, Office Catalyst, Institutional, Conservation, Wetland, Open Space, and Roadway. Of the approximately 1,270 total acres, about 760 were deemed as developable. This allowed for approximately 3,300 residential units to be approved for design and construction.






Engineering & Design

Storey Park will be a diverse residential community with a variety of housing choices. It will contain interconnected and walkable residential blocks, organized around community parks and amenities. The Storey Park residential neighborhoods will compliment the planned mixed-use town center of the property and home and employment balance.

Storey Park’s design will also respect the natural environment and primary conservation network.






Development Services

Storey Park is now a thriving community that boasts the tagline, “Where Your Story Begins.” As you walk, drive, or bike through the area, you will discover a family-friendly place built on five pillars: Community, Nature, Health, Story, and Home. Residents of Storey Park have access to unique amenities that make life within the community a unique and unparalleled experience.

It has been our distinct pleasure to work with Lennar Homes to bring Storey Park through each phase of development.

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