Water Resources

Poulos & Bennett can provide Stormwater Engineering Services from the design and preparation of a Master Stormwater Plan to the design and inspection of small ancillary facilities such as sidewalks, and everything in between. Our Primary categories of support include:

  • Stormwater Management Design
  • Stormwater Master Planning and Modeling
  • Master Stormwater System Design
  • Floodplain Studies – Including modeling and mapping limits of existing
         floodplain, floodplain elevation determination, compensating
         storage analysis and design, and floodplain permitting
  • Master Stormwater Studies – Including modeling existing drainage basins,
         stormwater/drainage retrofit design, river/channel modeling, culvert
         design, water quality analysis, water quantity analysis, secondary
         stormwater sewer system design, nutrient loading analysis, sewer and
         stormwater detention/retention design
  • Mitigation Bank and Wetland Systems Stormwater Analysis

Select Experience:

Jefferson Parish Canal Design – Jefferson Parish, LA
Shingle Creek Industrial Park Floodplain Study – City of Orlando/Orange County, FL
Sawgrass Master Stormwater Study – Orange County, FL
Tapestry Master Stormwater Study – City of Kissimmee, FL
Providence Master Stormwater Study – Polk County, FL

Innovation Place Master Stormwater and Flood Study – Orange County, FL
Myrtle Bay and Hart Branch Flood Study – Orange County, FL
Falls Chase FEMA Floodplain Study – Osceola County, FL
Shingle Creek Floodway Study – City of Kissimmee, FL