By: poulosandbennett On: March 04, 2022 In: Employees Comments: 0

Each year, our team has a tradition of celebrating Random Acts of Kindness Day. We initiate a Random Acts of Kindness Challenge and give team members the opportunity to participate in the challenge. If they accept it, they will receive $50 with the goal of finding a way to spread kindness throughout our community.

It is always a joy to watch as each person finds creative ways to do good deeds. This year, we noticed that a lot of people included their spouses and children in the challenge. The whole family participated!

This year, we saw people who:

  • Donated to support the cause in Ukraine
  • Purchased dinner for a family in need
  • Bought diapers delivered encouragement
  • Offered a meal to a local firehouse
  • Purchased chargers for donated iPads
  • Delivered a gift card to a local woman who was serving the disabled in her community
  • Helped a family who held a sign that read, “Struggling.”
  • Donated to the Russell Home for Atypical Children
  • Created care bags for those in need in Orlando

To close the challenge, our team gathered to eat breakfast and share our stories. It was a joyful and inspiring morning!

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