By: poulosandbennett On: March 07, 2023 In: Community Comments: 0

Each year, Poulos & Bennett enjoys a tradition of kindness that inspires our teammates and, hopefully, spreads good vibes around the community. This began by celebrating Random Acts of Kindness Day, which turned into Random Acts of Kindness Week here. In 2023, we expanded to focus on Random Acts of Kindness Month in order to engage more people and have more fun. During the month, we had a BINGO board of ideas for daily kindness. This was just a start! Then, for every person who wanted to spread kindness in the community, Poulos & Bennett funded the plan, up to $50.00. This is a tangible way to make Central Florida a better place to live. Our month culminated by joining together for a meal and sharing how kindness impacted our lives this month. It was good all around!

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