By: poulosandbennett On: February 24, 2017 In: Community, Employees Comments: 0

Poulos & Bennett’s First Act of Kindness Challenge was a great success and surpassed even our expectations!

Thank you to Partners Jamie Poulos and Lance Bennett for providing this opportunity. Although the formal challenge has ended, it inspired our employees to continue contributing to and helping those in need

This morning firm employees gathered for a team breakfast to learn about the creative ways that giving to those in need was demonstrated this week. We had employees bring food to their local fire station, pay for struggling families’ groceries, cover past due day care bills, distribute care packages to the homeless, and much, much more. Most participants even matched Poulos & Bennett’s financial contribution to provide an even greater impact on the lives of others.

Many employees have decided to keep the random acts of kindness going by joining organizations like The World Needs More Love Letters, and regularly donating to different organizations.

We are grateful to have such caring and selfless team members who continually look for ways to help those in need, and look forward to our next joint employee volunteering effort.