By: poulosandbennett On: March 03, 2020 In: Community, Employees Comments: 0

Poulos & Bennett’s Annual Random Acts of Kindness Challenge was another great success and once again exceeded our expectations!

Every year in honor of Random Act of Kindness Week, Partners Jamie Poulos and Lance Bennett challenge their firm of over 65 employees to complete the Annual Poulos & Bennett Random Acts of Kindness Challenge. Employees are given $50.00 with the mission to perform a random act of kindness in the community within 10 days. Following the challenge is a firm breakfast where employees gather to discuss the creative ways they gave to those in need.

As always, our employees impressed us with their unique and creative acts. Employees bought food for local animal shelters, passed out care packages to the homeless, tipped struggling waiters, brought food to homeless youth, helped pay for a displaced father’s groceries and much, much more.

Most participants were so inspired, they matched Poulos & Bennett’s financial contribution to increase their impact and have decided to keep the random acts of kindness going by regularly donating to different organizations.

Thank you to Partners Jamie Poulos and Lance Bennett for providing this amazing opportunity. Although the formal challenge has ended, it remains an inspiration to our employees to continue to contribute to and help those in need.